Zoolab at Lightcliffe

The SHARED Characters are a key priority for Lightcliffe Academy Science Department and we are continually looking for ways to support these. To develop the SHARED Characters of Health and Happiness, Ambition, Resilience, Equity and Dignity, we invited Zoolab (an ethical and interactive zoo experience) to run a series of sessions, we were proud to be able to offer this to the whole school.

The Zoolab visit was part of a range of planned activities organised by Science this year, to support and engage our pupils, increase pupil wellbeing and to give them experiences they may never have had. The aim was to promote a love of science and a deeper understanding of how science plays a crucial role in problem solving in modern society.

We wanted an experience where all our students would benefit from learning amazing facts about adaptations, evolution and biomimicry whilst having the chance to carefully handle the animals, if they were brave enough!

The animals were brilliant! Combined with incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic ‘Rangers’ our students learned about cockroaches, tarantulas, millipedes, snakes, degus, frogs, and rats to name a few. Our students listened, engaged by asking questions to deepen their learning and handled the animals. This was fantastic, it has hopefully given memories that will last a lifetime.

Feedback from pupils was unequivocally positive, there was a real buzz throughout school and we look forward to welcoming Zoolab back next year so our new Year 7s can experience this brilliant event.