All students in Year 7 to 11 are required to wear the approved school uniform. We expect high standards of work and behaviour from our students, and believe that these are helped by high standards of dress and appearance. All items of school uniform are worn conventionally and we expect all Parents/Carers to support our simple and practical requirements.

We operate checks each morning to ensure students uphold our high standards with regard to the dress code and to check on essential items for a successful day. This includes checking that students have the correct uniform and that it is worn professionally.

  • The school blazer is to be worn at all times around school and in Assembly. Students may ask permission to remove their blazer in classrooms.
  • A V-neck grey jumper with the school logo is optional and may be worn in addition to the school blazer.
  • Plain white school shirts or blouses should be worn, tucked in. The collar buttons to the neck should enable a clip-on tie to be worn. Fashion shirts are not permitted.
  • Clip-on school ties should be attached to the top of the shirt collar with the top button fastened. These can be purchased from the uniform providers listed below.
  • Trousers should be mid-grey school trousers. Tight trousers (fashion trousers), combats, jeans, varieties of leggings, and footless tights are not acceptable.
  • A plain, slim, black belt may be worn, but coloured wide belts or belts with large buckles should not be worn.
  • Skirts are mid-grey, pleated and of a sensible length, design and material. They should be approximately knee length with an embroidered school flame logo. Fashion skirts, very short, long or tight skirts are not acceptable.
  • Shoes are plain all-black leather or leather-look school shoes, not leather trainers (e.g. Converse). The wearing of backless shoes, boots, trainers, fabric or canvas shoes, platforms, flip-flops or high heels is not allowed. Shoes and soles must not have logos or writing on and laces must be black.
  • Make-up is not allowed in Years 7-9. It will only be tolerated in Years 10 and 11, if it is kept to a minimum. Students will be expected to remove make-up with a suitable cleanser if judged too excessive by the Academy.
  • Nail extensions and false nails are not permitted. Shellac or nail varnish are only acceptable if clear.
  • Extreme hairstyles such as very close shaven hair, tramlines or any other shaved patterns are not permitted. Unnatural colours or extreme contrasts of colour are not allowed.
  • ​Jewellery, with the exception of a wrist watch, is not allowed. Students will not be permitted to wear earrings of any description.

PE Kit

The compulsory PE Kit consists of:

  • A navy Polo Shirt with the school logo
  • Navy shorts with the school logo
  • Navy Tracksuit with the school logo
  • Navy sports socks
  • Trainers (pumps are not acceptable)
  • Football/rugby boots


The Academy has considered its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 not to discriminate unlawfully on the grounds of disability, ethnicity, gender, sex, religion or sexual orientation. Racial, cultural and religious needs accommodated within the general policy are given below.

  • Muslim females who choose to wear a headscarf are permitted to do so, but it must be navy and tied in a safe and secure manner during all practical lessons. The wearing of a Niqab is not allowed.
  • Jewish males may wear a navy kippah and Sikhs may wear a Turban.
  • Muslim males and females and Hindu females are allowed to wear the Lightcliffe Academy tracksuit bottoms for PE

The Academy respects the decision of:

  • Muslim and Sikh males to grow facial hair (i.e. a beard)
  • Rastafarians and Sikhs to grow their hair long, but it must be tied back in a safe and secure manner in all practical subjects
  • Males and females with African-Caribbean ethnicity to wear their hair in cornrows or braids
  • The Academy may allow certain religious amulets to be worn discretely by students where there is religious significance

Uniform Suppliers

Uniform that bears our logo is only available from the approved stockists below. The compulsory school logo badged items are the blazer, V-neck jumper and the PE kit. This gives you the flexibility to buy any remaining items such as trousers and shirts, from wherever you choose.

This is to offer families the opportunity to gain best value for money; however, it must meet the Academy’s standard uniform requirements.
Official approved stockists of Lightcliffe Academy’s badged items are:

  • Frank Harrisons, Brighouse – 01484 719288 www.fhbschooluniform.co.uk
  • The Nurseries, 221 Halifax Road, Brighouse, HD6 2QD

  • Halifax Uniform Shop – 01274 690223 www.halifaxuniformshop.co.uk
  • 10 Wade House Road, Shelf

  • Shaw Hardcastle, Halifax – 01422 353949 - https://smartschoolwearcentre.co.uk/lightcliffe-academy
  • 20 Commercial Street, Halifax, HX1 1TB

  • Ziggy’s School wear, Halifax – 01422 348273 https://ziggysschoolwearhalifax.co.uk
  • 6-8 Albion Street, Halifax, HX1 1DU

  • The Uniform Shop, Emboidery, Halifax – 01422 382550
  • 25 Union Street, Halifax, HX1 1PR

Please note: badged items purchased from retailers other than our approved stockists may not meet the standard for quality of the product and of the embroidery; if this is the case, it may mean you will have to replace your uniform item.