Grease is the word!

In the spring of 2020, the nation was hit with a pandemic that closed schools across the country. Everyone has felt the cost of this, including the relationships that have suffered since schools cancelled many of their extra-curricular activities. Thus, Lightcliffe Academy’s production of the classic musical Grease was a welcome harbinger of the end of Covid-19 restrictions.

The praise given to all participants was a true testament to the talent of the cast. Danny was performed by Lucas H on all four nights - a huge undertaking that demonstrated his talent and resilience. Sandy was brilliantly portrayed by Ruby P and Amelie who overcame their apprehensions along with the rest of the cast! The T-Birds were played by Ethan, Harrison, Logan, George, Matthew, Jaden, and Lee who gave the legendary crew the brash personalities that they are known for. The Pink Ladies were played by Maddie, Theah, Summer, Ellie, Holly, Aimee, Megan, and Caitlin. They characterised the iconic roles with such flair! Ruby B and Maisie played Patty - the cheesy cheerleader that we all love. Eliora and Sia played the formidable headteacher: Mrs Lynch. Eugine was played by Zach, and Vince Fontaine by Matthew and Lee— not to forget the incredible ensemble whose voices and dances truly brought the show to life.

As the last show for the current Year 11s, Grease was not a production to forget. The set, the costumes, the music, the lights: they all culminated in presenting a magnificent show.  However, the performance on stage would not have been what it was without the comradeship backstage. The way all the cast cared for each other and interacted made being with each other feel as natural as being with family. A fellowship was formed across all year groups that will not soon be forgotten. Such inter-year group friendships have not been possible for many years due to Covid, and so to see those relationships bloom has been a privilege. Each and every Year 11 will be sorely missed. They were such an integral part to this production that doing next year’s show without them is deeply saddening.

We all owe a huge thank you to Mr Cross and Miss Bickerdike for being the masterful directors in this production; to Mr West for all of his expert work with the sound and music; and to Mrs Farthing-Kaye for the fantastic choreography - she will be sorely missed from the school when she leaves this Friday. On behalf of the cast: you inspired us to do the best we could and kept us motivated throughout, something that we are all sincerely grateful for.

Thank you to all who helped on the nights, and in the making of the show - your help was essential in ensuring everything ran smoothly.

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and we look forward with great anticipation to next year's performance!

Story by Eliora