KS5 Sociology

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KS5 Sociology

What entry requirements do I need to study the course?

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language

What does the course involve?

Unit 1: Education with theory and methods in context

Unit 2: Families and Households and Mass Media

Unit 3: Crime and Deviance and theory and method

How is it assessed?

Paper 1: 2 hours 33.3% A Level Education – a 4,6,10 and 30 mark question RMIC – 20 mark question, Theory and Methods – 10 mark question

Paper 2: 2 hours 33.3% A Level ‐ Families and Household – 10, 10 and 20 mark question, Mass Media‐ 10, 10 and 20 mark question

Paper 3: 2 hours 33.3% A Level ‐ Crime – a 4,6,10 and 30 mark question, Theory and Methods – 10 and 20 mark questions

Assessment Objective

AO1: Knowledge and understanding

  • Students should use at least one sociology study per paragraph
  • The studies should be recent
  • Students should ensure each answer links to the exam question

AO2: Analysis and Evaluation

  • Students should write an introduction and conclusion that mentions, engages with the current debate for example how feminism has impacted women’s roles in society
  • A range of issues relevant to the question have been discussed
  • Students should ensure they critique each sociologists they discuss therefore showing the strengths and weakness of each theory

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