KS5 Politics (Calderdale 6)

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This course is offered as part of the Calderdale 6 Collaboration, with this course being offered by Brighouse High Sixth Form College.

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Specification Code: 9PL0

Assessment: 3 examinations 100%

Grades Awarded: A* ‐ E


‘Nothing less than the activity through which people try to improve their lives and

create the ‘good society’ Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Politics exists because people disagree. They disagree about how they should live (moral questions), about who should get what (resource questions) and about who should make decisions (power questions). Politics therefore seeks to establish the general rules under which we live and it is those rules that make orderly existence possible. As such, politics is the most basic and necessary of social activities — without orderly existence, society will degenerate into a civil war of each against all.

All members of society should have a better understanding of the general rules under which they live. For these rules to be effective, as many people as possible should actively participate in making them, upholding them and maybe, changing them. This is what is meant by ‘active citizenship’.

Politics is likely to suit students who have an interest in the world around them, who want to know more about the society they live in, how it works and how it could work enjoy debate, discussion and argument. Students will need to be comfortable with the fact that in politics there are no simple ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ and must like to think for themselves, and want to develop their own views, rather than accept the views of others.

Paper 1: UK Politics 33%

Democracy and political participation , party policies and ideas, elections and voting behaviour and the

media. Also a study of core political Ideologies such as Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism

Paper 2: UK Government 33%

The constitution, parliament, the Prime Minister and cabinet and the relationship between branches of

the state. In addition, optional core political ideas (choose one of) anarchism, ecologism ,feminism,

multiculturalism or nationalism.

Paper 3: Comparative Politics 33%

US politics: US constitution and federalism, congress, the President, Supreme Court, democracy

and participation, civil rights.

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