KS5 Maths

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KS5 Maths
KS5 Maths in Context

What entry requirements do I need to study the course?

GCSE Maths grade 6

What does the course include?

Pure Maths

Largely algebra based, builds on skills learned at GCSE and certificate of Further Maths


Studying forces and movement in the real world.

Largely new areas covered, it links closely in with Physics


Uses data to apply to practical situations: statistics is widely used in professional jobs (>50%)

Builds on areas of data handling covered at GCSE

How is the course assessed?

External Assessment: Summer of Year 13 – 3 x 2hr exams. 2 on Pure Maths, 1 on Applied

Internal Assessment: regular assessments take place in class. Retests are carried out if necessary.

Links & Resources

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Course Title: Core Mathematics (Maths in Context)

Grading: A - E

Course Overview:

  • Applications of statistics
  • Probability
  • Linear programming
  • Sequences and growth

External Assessment:

2 examinations in May/Jun, both 1 hr 40 mins.

Paper 1 - Comprehension

Paper 2 - Application

Internal Assessment:

Regular assessments take place in class to monitor pupils’ progress.

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Links & Resources

Links & Resources

Links & Resources

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