KS5 History Medieval (Calderdale 6)

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Medieval History

This course is offered as part of the Calderdale 6 Collaboration, with this course being offered by Brighouse High Sixth Form College.

Examination Board: AQA

Specification Code: 7042

Assessment: 2 examinations 80%

1 coursework submission 20%

Grades Awarded: A* ‐ E

Specific entry requirements: A grade 5 in GCSE History if studied.

History Medieval

Obviously this course will appeal to anyone who enjoys finding out about the past. However it is specifically designed to appeal to those students who have enjoyed studying Modern GCSE History, but now want to do something a bit different.

The course focuses on the history of this country after the Norman Conquest; therefore students who complete this course will gain knowledge and understanding of the events that took place in this country between 1071 and 1485. You will also find out about the Crusades, the Angevins and will complete an in depth study on The Wars of the Roses.

Students will also develop skills in independent learning. They will learn how to write well‐structured and balanced essays. Develop skills of analysis and evaluation and use detailed evidence to back up their arguments. Above all they will learn to think more for themselves and become more confident in forming their own opinions and judgements about key events in the past.

The course is challenging and students will be expected to put a lot of hard work into their studies. However it is an interesting and enjoyable course and will lay strong foundations for anyone hoping to study History at University.

Paper 1: The Age of the Crusades c.1071‐1204 40%

Section A: One question analysis historical interpretations of the crusade

Section B: Two compulsory questions studying issues of change and continuity, significance, cause and consequence in this period

Paper 2: Royal Authority and the Angevin Kings 40%

Section A: One question linked to primary sources or sources contemporary to the period

Section B: Two compulsory questions studying a period of turbulence in British history

Component 3: Historical Investigation 20%

A 3000‐3500 word assignment on The Wars of the Roses in the context of the years 1377‐1485

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