Health and Social Care

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Health and Social Care

Course Title:  BTEC TECH Award in Health and Social Care

Grading: Distinction*-Pass

Course Overview:

Health and Social Care is a vocational subject that teaches students about the fundamental services we all rely on in society to help us when we are vulnerable and need support.
There are 4 million people currently employed within the sector in the UK in a variety of roles including nurses, social workers, midwives, teachers, counsellors, child minders, care workers and paramedics to name but a few.

Over the course learners will focus and develop their knowledge by;

  • Understanding the human development of people from birth to death
  • Being able to separate development into physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth.
  • Learning the Care Values that all carers must demonstrate when working with clients.
  • Understanding that everyone has needs and all people require care at some point in their life.

Internal Assessment:

Component 1 - Human Lifespan Development (30%)

In this component, students are introduced to the life stages and the areas of development: physical, intellectual, emotional and social (PIES). Students must understand the key aspects of development at each life stage. They must then consider factors that can affect different aspects of development.

Component 2- Health and Social Values (30%)

Individuals who access health and social care services are often vulnerable and it is for this reason that a set of values exists. Students will learn how to adopt compassionate and caring behaviours and will learn to apply these values to individuals who are using health and social care services. Students will learn about the importance of reviewing their practice, which will help them to develop and improve their skills in relation to upholding care values.

External Assessment:

Component 3- Health and Wellbeing (40%)

Students will start by studying the factors that affect health and well-being. Students need to understand that the focus in this component is on health and well-being, i.e. the effects of various factors on the physical, intellectual, emotional and social (PIES) needs of a person. Students will then learn to interpret indicators that can be used to measure physiological health and lifestyle data in relation to risks posed to physical health. Finally, they will learn how to design a health and well-being improvement plan and understand how obstacles that individuals may face when implementing such a plan might be overcome.
Students will complete the external assessment as Synoptic Test set by the exam board. There will be seen material released to learners approximately 4 weeks before the test.

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