COVID-19 Testing

Rapid Covid-19 Testing in School

On the return of schools on 8th March, each consenting student will take a lateral flow test before going to classes, and then have two more tests in school, at three-day intervals, before home-testing kits are distributed to families. Staff are tested regularly.

Testing will be done using Lateral Flow Tests, which give results in around 30 minutes (without requiring a laboratory to process the test).

Students will be given full guidance and support during the tests.

If at any point, the student or staff member test positive with a rapid test, they would then take a further PCR test (the "standard" Covid-19 test) and follow self-isolation guidelines.

This approach supports rapid testing of asymptomatic staff and students, and is being rolled out across all schools.


Consent is required for the testing, for which forms have been distributed to parents. If you have any queries about this please contact the office.


The government has provided schools with guidance on setting up testing stations and conducting the tests, and we have followed this rigorously. Please refer to the government website if you would like to read the full guidance being provided to schools. The following pages are a good starting point: